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Our vision

Our vision is to help companies and sales team ramp up faster by hiring the best sales professionals in North America. More specifically: President’s Club talent across all industries with a focus on SAAS, Fintech and IT and Software Technology.

Specialized Recruitment Domains


President's Club AE

You are looking for a quality deal maker who isn't happy until they have crushed their quotas. They are self motivated and hungry for success.

SDRs &

This is typically an early stage role focused on the outbound activities such as prospecting, cold calling etc...

Technical Sales &
Solutions Engineers

This role requires expert product knowledge and communications to be able to sell complex solutions to your clients in a way that clearly demonstrates value.

Key Account Managers & National Account Managers

This person will manage your biggest accounts and prospects and manage complex sales deals.

Sales Executives

These are your sales leaders such as Sales Directors, VP of sales, CRO, Head of Sales etc..

Focus on P.Club

All our sales candidates at all levels of experience have a proven track record of making President's Club.


There is a reason why you won’t see any job postings on our site. It’s by design. People ask us often why we don’t post open roles on our website or LinkedIn: the answer is simple. Our clients have tried that so when they come to us, they are not coming to us to do what they are doing. They are coming to us to be headhunters and do what we do best to find the best talent in our network.

Commitment Beyond Placement

Our longstanding relationships with clients testify to the beyond-the-call-of-duty service we offer. We see ourselves as a service provider and an integral part of your growth journey.

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