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Eurydice Domlan

Founder & Senior Executive HR Consultant based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Meet Eurydice Domlan, a passionate HR enthusiast and the Founder & Senior Executive HR Consultant based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. With over 10 years of experience in the HR field, including extensive expertise in executive search and consulting, Eurydice brings a unique perspective to talent acquisition and organizational development.

Throughout her career, Eurydice has had the privilege of working closely with C-suite executives and board members, gaining valuable insights into their unique organizational needs. Her focus on executive search has allowed her to successfully identify top-tier talent that not only aligns with the company’s vision and values but also drives transformative change and fosters a thriving environment.

Her ability to blend strategic thinking required for executive search with a genuine passion for cultivating positive workplace cultures sets Eurydice apart from her peers. Recognizing that finding the right leaders is crucial for an organization’s success, she takes immense pride in identifying and placing exceptional executives who can significantly impact an organization’s growth and success.

Currently, as the Founder & Senior Executive HR Consultant at Caritas HR Consulting, Eurydice offers her expertise in executive search and HR consulting. She also contributes to diversity and inclusion efforts as an executive recruiter at DNA Diversity Executive Search.

Eurydice’s capabilities extend beyond executive search. She has proven experience in HR strategies, employee engagement, and business operations. In her previous roles, such as Business & Operations Manager at SANQC and as the lead executive recruiter at Buffalo Matrix Services, she implemented continuous improvement initiatives, managed full-cycle recruitment, and provided consulting services in management and HR.

Eurydice’s educational background is equally impressive, with a Master’s degree in Finance and Financial Management Services from Universit√© Paris X Nanterre and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from Missouri State University. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Missouri State University.

Eurydice’s passion for engaging in enlightening conversations and collaborating with organizations makes her the ideal partner for identifying the perfect candidates to lead them to new heights. Unlock the potential of your organization by reaching out to her for assistance with executive search, HR strategies, or employee engagement.

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